Since day one Arbor’s partner in the development and production of our Powerply Tops has been Ohio based M.Bohlke Veneer Corp. This family owned business has been supplying veneer to the wood products world for 56 years. Bohlke works tirelessly along side our development team to identify the right species of sustainably sourced wood veneer for each design. Working with Bohlke allows us continually improve the process of adapting wood veneer into the Arbor Powerply. Their knowledge of the unique, intrinsic value of each species, and their direct connection to the environmentally friendly harvesting practices of the landowners they work with is essential to our overall mission, and our ability to confidently endorse the sustainability of our Powerplys.

At Arbor, we take pride in the production process, we believe in companies like M. Bohlke, and we firmly believe that the use of real wood sets Arbor boards apart from all others in the industry.

This video shows the sustainable process of sourcing wood and is a testament to the hands-on approach taken at Arbor to ensure all boards receive the best possible materials. Watch the video by talented videographer and snowboard super nerd Sean Lucey, listen to Nick Bohlke's passionate words for his company, and learn first hand how they strive to always use the best wood possible.