Our Powerply topsheets have been made with sustainable wood and bamboo since we launched the Brand. The natural fiber drives the performance, aesthetic, and ethos that Arbor is know for. Several steps are taken to get a Powerply onto our snowboards responsibly, and in a way that insures durability and lasting quality.

7 Steps to a better snowboard:

1. Logs harvested from a range of sustainable sources

2. Logs soaked so they can be sliced, not sawn, dramatically stretching resource

3. Logs sliced into sheet veneer and then assembled into our Powerply top sheets

4. Powerply back with permeable cloth material to increase strength & bond

5. Powerply sanded and pre-laminated to a protective, bioplastic foil

6. Powerply laminated onto the finished snowboard

7. Enjoy the most sustainable, durable, performance oriented, labor intensive snowboard available