Jess Mudget

The Colorado native, Portland Oregon nomad, Wyoming transplant has a bold presence that seemingly borrows influence from everything from nature and native culture to Old West homage and streetwear. A truly unique and bold styling that resembles flash tattoo art but has extra attention to detail that makes it Mudgett.
Website: - Instagramm: @jessmudgett - Artist Collection: Mark Carter

Hillary Jane

Hilary Jane’s unmistakable bold 70’s aesthetics mix effortlessly with her holistic approach to life…spirituality is a common theme seen in her work and can be viewed as an intimate portrayal into her person. As someone struggling with a mental health disorder, trauma and chronic illness, she’s found incomparable strength to overcome adversity throughout her journey as an artist and self-healer… Naturally, her representations of feminine divinity are bursting with strength and grace... Her power animal is the panther, and she radiates a free aquarian spirit... While spending much of her early adulthood travelling the world as a tattoo artist, painter and photographer, she calls Canada her home... Hilary Jane Boulé Petersen was born in the eastern townships, Quebec, Canada, in 1990. She now lives in Montréal and plans to live on a farmstead up North with the love of her life.
Website: - Instagram: @hilaryjaneartist - Artist Collection: Cadence

Boss Dog

Owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Mikey & Sam with dog children, Bud, Hulk and Cookie have built Boss Dog Art Department in the High Desert of 29 Palms, CA. The team is inspired by the mystical energy of the legendary Joshua Tree High Desert in all design and subject matter with an emphasis on commitment to positive mental health, being true to one’s “authentic” self, and a highlight to outspoken political progressive social causes. Boss Dog has created a community that connects to the couple's integrity and concepts that speak from the heart.
Website: - Instagram: @bossdog - Artist Collection Draft Snowboard & Hemlock

Aaron Draplin

Northwoods-bred, Portland-based, garbage-rescuer, re-collector, designer, maker – Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co.
Website: - Instagram: @draplin - Artist Collection Shiloh & Crosscut